Group Journeys

Are you looking for like-minded people to travel with, people who are passionate about the journey rather that the destination?

Each year, Wanderlust Journeys hand-crafts unique adventures that draws back the veil to immerse you deep into the fabric of the Himalayas and its people.

From adrenaline fuelled adventure to slow and comfortable self discovery journeys, and everything in-between.

We have the trip for you.

Current group journeys


Tibet | 15 days

You will breathe in the incredible energy of Shoton as you stand right in the middle of 900 years of Tibetan tradition.

Art of the HImalayas


You won’t need any artistic expertise, just curiosity, a love of art and a sense of adventure on this gentle journey.

cycle the himalayas

Nepal | Bhutan

Challenge your abilities and cleanse your mind from the madness of day-to-day living with these ultimate mountain bike adventures.

Tihar Festival

Kathmandu, Nepal

Join the locals for complete immersion into the tradition, community and celebration of the 5 day Tihar festival, Newari New Year and more.

We do group travel differently

Slow down you go too fast

When travelling, are you tired of never having the chance to slow down and see a place from the inside? Jumping from one sight to another in quick succession with just enough time to click a few photos. Constantly packing and unpacking, new hotel rooms every night, new cities, new countries, endless time on trains, buses and planes, just endlessly moving towards the next destination. Do you come home exhausted?

Make your journey last

Our group journeys are different. We reduce the endless traveling around. Often settle into hotels for more than one night, allowing you to unpack and make it home. Allow plenty of time at the incredible locations for you to absorb and understand the culture and connect with the people. While on the trail we add extra days to allow for almost any situation that may arise. Our aim is for you to return home inspired and replenished.

Hanging out with our guides

We don’t waste your time by having you follow jaded guides who have memorised a few bland facts and figures. We connect you with locals who love sharing all the amazing details of their culture. Visit families, join in the ceremonies and festivals and gain a deeper understanding of life in the Himalayas.

What to expect from our group journeys

Wanderlust Journeys unique group itineraries allow for your immediate, deep immersion into the culture.

It starts with your accomodation often being away from the tourist ghettos and in the heart of local areas, so that the moment you step out your front door, you are fully absorbed into local life. 

Your days will be a combination of unique guided experiences and free exploratory time and you will often have more than one local guide. Your main guide travels with you for the whole journey, quickly becoming a friend who can help to smooth out any bumps in the road. 

Other guides will jump in and out depending on their expertise and together they will help you unravel all the exciting new experiences unfolding before you, making sense of the chaotic sights, cacophony of sounds and delicious odours floating in the air.

Your guides will also help orientate you in new areas, so each day when there is free time you can confidently wander the back lanes, discover hidden gems or chase your passion, all at your own pace.

With every journey, you will have the rare opportunity to peek behind the door and be invited into local family homes and monasteries, to share in their customs, traditions and festivals. From a Newari Bhoj lunch in the family kitchen to a personal puja ceremony.