Our purpose

Why we do what we do

If we all travelled with the desire to experience difference and share our struggles, not just sightsee, scorn or control, then fear is reduced, friendships are forged and humanity becomes a common experience not a war.

By travelling with us you can slow down, focus and gain understanding so as to return home with humanity and humility. You might not see everything but everything you do see will have meaning.

Traveling with us should excite you, change you and create new and lasting friendships with people from all cultures. This will hopefully lead to understanding, opportunity, improvement and tolerance.

The problem

Many travellers never have the chance to slow down and see a country from the inside. We travel from one sight to another in quick succession with just enough time to take a few photos. Constantly packing and unpacking, new hotel rooms, different cities, countries, endless travel time, to reach the next great destination.

A big part of travel can be logistics and tedium.

Contact with local people can often be fleeting and transactional, which doesn’t allow for understanding or friendship.

If our only interactions with local communities are class based or just getting you to buy something (so they can sustain their family), then our view of their culture is based on a falsehood. We will often see the locals as opportunists, money-grabbing or fleecers and reduced to a status not much higher than a used car salesmen or beggar.

On the flip side, when we pile out of our tourist buses with large cameras around our necks and expensive phones in our hand, for just a brief photo stop or to barter over a souvenir, locals could view us as only shallow, rich beyond our means, just a fleeting source of income.

Everything is dumbed down and there ends up being no respect for either culture.

The approach

We work hard at reducing the amount of mindless travel by:

  • Providing accomodation in local areas, not tourist ghettos
  • Creating the opportunities for you and the locals to share your stories
  • Offering you the chance to meet many local people from all classes, some who will guide, some who will share and only a few who will sell
  • Focusing on culture and celebrating difference

We won’t tell the local communities how to become like us, we want to experience the difference. This will allow personal insight into each others struggles, joy and family where common ground can be found and friendships formed.

Importantly, this creates a deeper understanding and appreciation of the sights, sounds, foods and smells around you. You will return home having truly experienced something different.

Why is this important? It creates humanity through sharing which helps us understand not only each other, but more importantly ourselves.


We don’t believe that the locals are less intelligent than we are there or just there to serve us.

We believe in the depth of their cultures and the value of their beliefs. We don’t expect the locals to become westernised or for you to have to convert to their ways. Exploring and understanding our differences is where the magic starts to happen.

This doesn’t mean that we ignore sanitation or comfort but we don’t shy from rougher living or some discomfort to forsake a shared local experience.

We don’t expect local communities to go beyond their means to look after us and we acknowledge the need to provide back to them.

We will listen to our local providers to help them to deliver a service that reflects their culture and they are proud of

We will never think that we know everything about you. We will listen carefully to your expectations and needs, to fulfil your travel desires wherever practicable.

We will provide any knowledge you require on Himalayan travel, so you can make an informed choice, Is where you want to travel and what would you like to do.

Some of the things we do differently

By staying small we can provide a better, personal experience. We can’t always move the huge numbers or necessarily get the cheapest deal, but we can give you the best immersive experience.

The journey starts as soon as you find us and we will:

  • Personally provide information, be accessible for questions, fears and doubts
  • Willing to tell you if we feel you are taking on too much in your travels or if things won’t work and be truthful about all aspects of your journey
  • Willing to research, tailor make and improve any itinerary
  • Give you the opportunity to continue the journey after flying home, by joining a community of travellers interested in staying in touch with each other and the Himalayan region
What we do

We genuinely care about our clients, our local providers and the communities in the Himalayas.

To help you and other travellers experience the joy and wonder that we have been lucky enough to find time and again in the Himalayas, and to benefit the local Himalayan communities.

To find better ways to sustainably travel, minimising the impact created by ourselves and the local community.

To help break cultural barriers through immersion.

To inspire you and ignite your creativity.

Provide more than aimless travel of only taking photos and ticking off sites by encouraging us all to be more in the moment, get off our devices and do more.

We believe that travel can spark creativity and if fostered through a sharing of stories, will create a more satisfying and joyful life. We want to keep yourself and locals in touch long after their travels, to continue to provide inspiration and fulfilment.