Our Story

There are plenty of travel companies out there who only handle the simple logistics, race you around and then send you home. No depth, no understanding, no connection.

There are very few companies who are willing to take the time to make sure that you can truely connect with a country, a culture and the people.

At Wanderlust Journeys we have spent years slowly learning and travelling in the Himalayas, making many close friends who have freely opened their arms to share their amazing stories and rich culture with us.

With assistance from these friends, we can now offer you the same in-depth travel experiences, providing you with the opportunity to peer under the tourist veil and connect with the people and places of the mystical Himalayas.


In August 1985 after trekking and rafting the remote Indian Himalayan regions of Zanskar, Lhadak and Kashmir, I found myself stranded in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, looking for 

an affordable way home. Quickly realising that I wasn’t the only traveller grounded there, and having some experience in organising travel with ski trips to New Zealand, I decided with the help of Tibetan friends, it would be easier to find a way out for all of us rather than alone. 

After a myriad of challenges, red tape and adventures, I safely guided 23 travellers from all over the world on one of the first rickety buses across the dusty, high altitude tracks of the Tibetan plateau to Kathmandu, Nepal (Read Full Story Here), I was hooked, and realised that working closely with local communities to design meaningful journeys that immersed travellers deep into the fabric of another culture, was what I was good at and a passion I wanted to follow.

So I continued to return to the Himalayas, traversing the standard trails and exploring and opening up new regions. Walking the many high passes of Dolpo with Tibetan traders and their yaks, trekking through thigh deep snow while avoiding avalanches to reach Annapurna Base Camp, sitting around the community fire at midnight in Bhutan to watch naked men perform an ancient, ritual fertility dance.

Always, searching out places where locals and travellers could connect, share and understand I created Trek Nepal, a small travel company providing meaningful travel in the Himalayas.

Over the years Trek Nepal successfully helped people of all physical abilities and ages, from university students to retirees.

Then Nepal spiralled into a 10 year civil war, and while the fighting was mainly amongst their own people, I felt it was too great a risk to continue sending travellers to the region and sadly closed the company.

Long after the civil war, when finally confident that it was safe to travel in the Himalayas again, I slowly organised the odd trip with small, special interest groups.

The journeys were incredible, a wonderful sharing of cultures and stories, touching everyone deeply. I was excited by the thought of returning to my passion of connecting people through travel, and while discussing my dreams with Kristy, a recent fellow traveller, we found we shared the same love of helping people to renew their creativity and discover awe and wonder through immersive, meaningful travel.


With a serious case of wanderlust and an archaeology degree under her arm, Kristy started her travels by searching out the local experience and has continued travelling that way.

Her first trip overseas was to the backwaters of Sumatra, spending most of her time in small villages where many of the locals had never layed eyes on a western traveller before, becoming somewhat of a celebrity.

At one stage the villagers were very proud to take her to see a sacred tomb. A flashy, three story construction of tiles and cement, far more opulent than the nearby run-down shack, where waving from the second floor window was granny, the intended occupant of the tomb still very much alive and well.

Kristy quickly discovered, that the joy she experienced by immersing herself into the local lifestyle far outweighed any travel discomfort, and gave her lifelong friends. And so the burning desire to continue traveling really took hold.

Nepal was always on her ‘bucket list’ and landing in the Himalayas for the first time, she felt like she had arrived home. Everything around her was so vibrant, chaotic and alive and Kristy joyously threw herself deep into the fabric of the country.

Her unbridled enthusiasm for discovery instantly rubbed off on all the members in her trip and helped them to peek behind the tourist veil, giving them permission to see something wonderful in places that sometimes seemed inaccessible. 

On return trips, wandering the back lanes, travelling on public transport and eating in hidden local establishments, Kristy learnt many of the local secrets and quickly made friends.

Even when there wasn’t a shared a common language, connections were still forged, like over a yak noodle soup in Bhutan, traditional celebrations with a Newari family in their 100 year old rustic home or sitting outside a trekking teahouse, bartering with nomadic Tibetan traders.

Feeling the same desire that I have, to bring her knowledge and passion to help others experience the full release, awe and wander that mindful travel can bring, and to help the incredible Himalayan community, we decided to join forces and Wanderlust Journeys was born.

Wanderlust Journeys

Kristy and I discovered that we were both the rare type of people who enjoy spending hours listening to other peoples travel stories, looking at their photos and planning travel itineraries.   

This and our close contact with the people of the Himalayas have given us a unique insight into what constitutes meaningful travel.

Wanderlust Journeys aims be a shinning beacon in a sea of sameness, to deviate from the standard cookie-cutter tours and provide you with a journey full of depth, knowledge, fun and friendship. And we will do it as sustainably as possible.

We promise that with the itineraries we create, you and the local community come first.

Kristys incredible enthusiasm for planning meaningful journeys, her attention to detail and close friendships with the local people mix perfectly with my first hand knowledge of the Himalayas and willingness to look outside the normal tourist trope and always go that extra bit further.

We love planning travel and we are here to listen. All we need is for you to tell us where your passions lie and we can create your journey of a lifetime.

Peter, co-founder Wanderlust Journeys